Dan-Dare.org Technical Notes for Running Website Games and Puzzles

To run this website's "fun stuff" properly, you need to be using a web browser that is JavaScript, Java Applet and Flash enabled. Information on how to update your current browser if it isn't currently enabled (and on how to obtain an excellent free browser that works perfectly for everything in this website) is provided below.

It really is worth spending some time setting up your browser so that you will be able play all of this site's games and puzzles. They're fun and free, and it's all perfectly safe too - "family safe"!

For JavaScript and Java Applets, compatible browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 or higher, and Netscape Navigator version 3 or higher.

For Flash, compatible browsers include Internet Explorer version 5 or higher, and Navigator version 5 or higher.

You will need to ensure that your browser has "JavaScript" or "Scripting" enabled - this window will be a 550 x 600 pixels pop-up window if your browser is already enabled, in which case you need do nothing.

You will also need a Java plug-in installed and enabled. You can easily get a FREE Java plug-in at the official Java website - it's perfectly safe, I downloaded and installed it from the website onto my system with no problems.

In addition, you will also need the FREE Flash Player plug-in to run the Flash games. You can get the plug-in from the official Flash website. Again, I downloaded and installed it from the website onto my system with no problems whatsoever.

Finally, you will find that everything runs really well if your machine is at least a 500MHz Pentium III or equivalent.

If you do find that your system starts to slow down while running any of the "fun stuff", try closing any other applications you may have open at the same time.

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