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Dan Dare Flash Movie

The Dan Dare Flash movie below was created (and supplied for mirroring here) by Barbara Kerschner as the introduction to hers and Steven Taylor's website. The movie's opening segment features a Radio Luxembourg "jingle". There was a Dan Dare show on Radio Luxembourg throughout most of the 1950's (television was in its infancy at that time in Britain, and radio was still the number one source of in-home entertainment), although sadly no recordings of any actual episodes are known to have survived. The movie's main segment features a fly-by of "Anastasia", Dan Dare's personal spaceship.

If the movie runs slowly on your machine, try the Mini version >>

(Barbara also created a Dan Dare collage for the 2003 Luxembourg Comics Expo and's "sister" site,
- click on this link to view it at Dan Dare Collage)

Click on this link to view an animated GIF of a simplified version of the movie's main segment: Dan Dare Animated GIFs Page 5

Click on this link to go to a page at where you can watch MPEG movie clips and listen to MP3 music from the
2002 Dan Dare TV series: Dan Dare TV Series Images, Movies and Music


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