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The original Dan Dare, complete with spacesuit
Dan Dare confronts The Mekon via a 3-D video-phone

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There are two different, high-quality, fan-produced Dan Dare and Eagle magazines available via mail-order subscription - see the Spaceship Away website and the Eagle Times weblog for full details, including how to subscribe to them both.


Click on the image below to view a page all about the "2000AD" version of Dan Dare at the 2000AD Online website:

Click here to view the 2000AD Online website's Dan Dare page


There is a great Dan Dare page at the BBCi website - click on the image below to view it:

Click here to view the BBCi website's Dan Dare page


Taking its inspiration from Frank Hampson's "Interplanet Spacefleet", the Dan Dare-based vision of a truly global space agency (which, incidentally, was conceived of years before the likes of Star Trek's "Starfleet"), there is a very interesting website about proposed future space tourism - click on the image below to go to it:

Click here to go to the website


Find out about the artists and characters of two "close cousins" of Dan Dare:



Check out these two websites if you're a cartoon, comics and film fan:



If you get bored of this site, I recommend visiting this one for a complete change of scene:


Just in case you haven't seen them yet, here are 20 pages related to many of this site's games and puzzles:



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Play over 150 completely FREE Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers online arcade games, also including free multimedia and downloads - visit the Sonic and Mario Flash and Java Games Site
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